Ok Googling Middle Welsh verb forms isn't the best solution! Not quite sure what languages I've ended up with there. The first looks Cyrillic!

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Poetomu musulmane daje ne vydyat v razdelenii Ummi problemu, potomu chto tak skazal Poslannic! Bolee togo usugublyaut problemu razdeleniya, schitaya tolko ...
forum.islam.ru/viewtopic.php?p=42734&sid=a380766a3eb47dccde697057d9b347a8 - 89k - Copi Cadw - Tudalennau tebyg
klub DVD na Okounovi <°)))><
K tématu: zeptal jsem se ČT, jestli nechce místo nemocnice vydyat na DVD také některé staré úspěšné seriály(dobr. kriminalistiky atd.) tak prý zatím ne, ...
www.okoun.cz/boards/dvd;jsessionid=5A9754801EED10A78E7650CA2796B3E6?rootId=1158858 - 15k - Copi Cadw - Tudalennau tebyg

2 hits for one word is quite impressive.

Let's see if D Simon Evans is more use!

Yep he is (when I found him in a random box).

A vydyat is not some strange part of bod as I appear to have assumed the first time round, but is in fact the 3 sing imperf of gwybod, that v is a modern w not a modern f!
Yay, I've finally finished going through the typos etc my examiners listed (I know, I should have taken the time to get it proofread) and can really get to grips with the big things I've got to do! (Like all the translations -- though some have been covered in the typos).

I'd already noted with amusement the lack of comment on my use of statistical analysis I was amused that the only corrections I got on one of the sections of statistical analysis were those of spelling of the titles of the texts which was an ongoing theme. I think that means it went rather over their heads, but no comment is better than questions which stem from not understanding it properly and so asking strange things.



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