For the first time ever I stayed up all night and carried on the next day. At about 10:30 I'd got to the point I wanted to be at by the time I slept and 10:30 was the time I wanted to start again for today. I then headed up to college (for logistical faff which didn't happen) and to pick up the colour pages from [ profile] meirion. I got back to [ profile] caliston's about 12 and we started trying to print on his machine. This was a mistake. It toook for ever. By 2 we were less than halfway through and I started getting stressed especially as there were CD-ROMs to burn too and my computer was being slow with the printing. We switched to plan B which involved sending it as post-script to the computer lab and [ profile] caliston dropped me off on his way there to start binding. Binding was fine, but printing apparently was not and it was after the magical 4pm cut off point when he got here. There was then much sorting of pages and we finished about 10 mins ago 35 minutes after BOGS shut. It looks like a case of sitting on their doorstep at 10am tomorrow morning. I'm glad I'm on the 1104 and not the 1030ish.

I really should have used the nice little printer in the common room, though I've just remembered why I was dubious about that; when I printed a draft a month ago it had lines from the rollers all over it. I wish I'd remember that earlier when I was shouting at [ profile] caliston's! Why does printing cause doom? But they are now printed and bound and have CD-ROMs in the back. So pub is still on. It's done, just not quite dusted! If BOGS shut at a sensible hour it would have all been fine! We'll head up there now (for values of now which involve faffing on the computers and sending emails, if I can bring myself to use webmail) I think, because if we head back to Trumpington I'll never get out again.
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36 pages of my thesis/dissertation* have colour graphs on it. I asked the faculty computer bod about colour printing and she suggested the Oriental studies basement at a £1 a sheet. This would be expensive. I checked the Computer service printing pages which tells me I can get 25p a side in the Phoenix User Area.** This is better, but will still cost me £18 for the initial softbound copies and a further £9 for the hardbound copy. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Annoyingly dad has a colour printer, but I want to be in Cambridge before I'm at the colour printing stage. Emailing him the copies and getting them sent might be cheaper but rather complicated and risky on the postal service!

*Paul reckons t'other place uses thesis for DPhils but Cambridge uses disseration. This seems to be borne out my the English Faculty Blue Book for PhD students (PDF) but has anyone else noticed it?

**Question for [ profile] caliston, Am I right in thinking that was where we took Martin on Saturday?



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