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Sermon preached for Evensong on Candlemas, Haggai 2:1-9 and John 2:18-22 ) I've tried to reconstruct what I actually said for the final paragraph as I was happier with how I expressed it in the end. Other bits changed a bit as I preached too (especially one rather Pauline sentence!)
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I was rather disappointed to arrive at the Cathedral tonight to be told that as the boys were all ill, it was just a said Eucharist in St Dyfrig, rather than the advertised Solemn Eucharist. It didn't help that Friday is a night the boys do evensong on their own, but I feel that we as a congregation should have been able to cope with 3 hymns and Merbecke. Or they could have scraped a choir together out of the lay clerks, parish choir and Merbecke choir. It seemed a shame to lose all the ritual as well as the music. Admittedly, the fact that they have it at 6pm doesn't help. It's not the easiest time to make when one works.*

*Though pumping up one's tyres, putting the saddle up a bit and coming a shorter route help! It took me 26 mins tonight compared to 40 last Thursday! I got to work in 20 mins not 30 this morning and it's a lot less depressing going fast. I must put my cycle computer** on tomorrow so I can know how fast I'm going.

**I got this because dad lost the receipt for the mudguards they gave me for Christmas which would fit the design of my bike. They had no other mudguards that would. So I had to chose something else. We then took the bike to the cycleshop we had tried to go to anyway but it was shut on the Saturday before Christmas when we tried and they gave it service and fitted the mudguard. It needed the service because when we cleaned years of grime off the frame dad noticed the rear gear cable was frayed.


Feb. 5th, 2005 10:59 pm
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Mmmmmm, we've now had Candlemas and the post I was intending to right about Christmas has not happened.

So here are some thoughts, on mainly relgious matters and as much for my memory as anything )



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