Went ringing tonight for the first time in ages (barring 20 mins in Cambridge on St James' day).

I'd forgotten how enjoyable it is. Didn't do that much -- couple of lots of Bob Doubles,* some rounds on 6 and some rounds and calls on 10, but hopefully I'll get to do more in coming weeks. There were 18 or so there which is more than I was expecting, though only about 3 of them were actually locals (/Sunday ringers at that church).

Four cathedral ringers there including two from the family of 4 kids and 2 parents who ring. One of whom, the youngest, has aged about 3 years in the year since I saw him last. He was a kid last time I saw him and now he's a young man. He's turned 16 in that time, but still. I barely recognised him. Though that was true of some people who'd seen him last week as he's had a hair cut (probably a number 2).

Then pubbage, although the first attempt a Wetherspoons weren't letting under 18s in so we had to go elsewhere for our beer and cheese.

*Doubles?????? I've rung that about once in the past 4 years having done much more minor and some major, but I remembered long fifths!
Back in May it was suggested that shipmates who were bell-ringers should get together to ring a quarter peal in honour of the fifth anniversary of the new boards.* The 22nd July was suggested as the Saturday nearest St Simeon's Day (21st). One of those who volunteered, although living in Norwich, had connections in the Bedford area so organised a tower nr Bedford (Carlton). It then transpired that we had seven people willing and able to travel to the meet so a second tower (Harrold was added).

Thus this morning [livejournal.com profile] caliston drove me over to Carlton to meet up with people. It took us slightly longer than we expected but we got ther about 1115 instead of 11, just as The Great Gumby was trying to phone us! They then rang up, I avoided this because they'd started by the time I got up there with the aid of the local. We were then photographed by a woman from the local paper. We then had a quick drink of water while we decided what precisely to ring. Qoheleth wasn't confident to try minor, so that was postponed to the afternoon when Ricardus had arrived and Grandsire Doubles was agreed upon. Roxanna took the treble which left me with the two. It was said `we want safety first, rather than firsts' so I didn't admit that I'd never rung a quarter inside. I did say I'd be safer on the treble too, but we couldn't both ring it.

So we set off. There were only a couple of points where I got a bit lost (concentration going, mainly at 4-5up dodges TBH) and had to cry for help but nothing too serious and the third was shouted at once. The biggest problem was the heat. I had sweat running down my face within the first 5 minutes. From the second, I could see the clock, which is a mixed blessing because I saw it after 5 and 10 mins and thought, long way to go yet! But we made it. My fingers were interestingly blistered though.

Then it was off to the pub (the Bell in Odell) for beer and lunch. Qoheleth went into Bedford to pick up Ricardus and returned just before an almighty thunderstorm with torrential rain. Rather later than originally suggested we decided to brave it and head to the second tower. Things weren't helped by the lack of phone signal in the area for arranging to collect the keys.

Qoheleth opted out of this one because he wasn't up to minor which meant that Roxanna couldn't slope off back to Derby and her inlaws and I couldn't rest my blisters. We found the tower first aid box and with some bandage and micropore I strapped four of my fingers. Roxanna and I fought over the treble and the two and in the end Sarum Sleuth placed us. I got the treble which was probably safter. Going lead, 2nds, 3rds, fourths, fifths, sixths, sixths, fifths, fourths, thirds, seconds, lead lots is easy. The first extent had only Singles in it and no Bobs which was interesting. The two was a bit wobbly at times but mainly put right quickly. Just before the first bob the strapping came of the worst of the blisters (i.e. the one where the skin had gone) but I coped. Sometime later there were a few iffy leads as the two went a bit wobbly and others were put off. The conductor was getting quick terse and then went `second lead now and make seconds.' then vehemently `That's all'. It had come round, just. Which is why he'd been so strong in those last leads because to lose it in the last few leads is very frustrating and he wasn't going to let that happen.

But that doubled by QP count (previously I'd scored two and lost one) and they were both firsts. The first my first inside and the second my first of minor. The first two had been trebling to Bob Doubles and to Grandsire Triples. I was less dead at the end of these, though I did stagger to a bench and sit down after the second because my knees had gone.

*This scared me because I started posting a year or so before the new boards came so it means I've been onboard for over 6 years which is an awful lot of hours spent reading and posting!


Jun. 20th, 2006 11:33 pm
Well, I'd not been doing that much ringing of late as I've been working into the evenings, but I've done more recently.

Details. Probably will be Greek to the non-ringers on my f'list^ )
^(apart from [livejournal.com profile] caliston for whom Greek would be more intelligble!)


Feb. 1st, 2006 03:43 pm
yrieithydd: (Wyddor)
I need more user pics. Over recent days I've found myself wanting a geeky one (specifically computer geeky), a ringing one and a Methodist one. Any suggestions? And a general ish one. I've been using the Welsh alphabet for that, but in someways I want to reserve that to Welsh specific.

Silly Me!

Oct. 14th, 2005 03:21 pm
yrieithydd: (Wyddor)
That was very silly!

On Wednesday evening, I was cycling along the Grantchester Road to go ringing in Trumpington, which I have done a few times recently.* I glanced down and realised that my front light was failing, so I decided to stop to change the batteries. This was mildly irritating, but I had spare batteries in my bag so no big problem. Indeed I'd had to do something similar as I was leaving Grantchester after going to the pub with the ringers last week. I stopped and got off my bicycle onto the grass verge. Unfortunately, I'd managed to stop right by an indentation in the grass verge and when I stepped back I fell down it (because the ground was 6 inches lower than I expected) and sprained my ankle. A car was approaching and sped past, but then reversed back to see if I was ok. The driver was willing to give a me a lift, but in fact I had a lift from a woman with a larger car into which it was easier to put the bicycle. I did feel silly. It also means I can't ring or ceilidh tonight.

*Ringing in Trumpington that is; I've only used the Grantchester Road as opposed to the Meadows once, but it's nicer in the dark because there are white lines and no cattle grids.
Well, two idiot drivers in one trip to StAG is impressive. First of all, there was the yellow car at the Tex lights. I'd been cycling along towards the traffic lights and was approaching the point where the straight on/right cycle lane crosses the left hand car lane (or the left hand car lane crosses the cycle lane). I looked and cycled right to indicate that I was going straight on and not left and so would be going into the middle. One car came past and that was ok, 'cos it was going straight on too. However, there was one behind it, who was going left and decided to go left as I was going right rather than hanging back and going behind me. I'm not quite sure why, but I stayed on the inside of the cycle lane, which is just as well other wise he would have hit me as far as I can tell. I had lights and was wearing my reflective top so my arm signal should have been visible.

I'd decided that the best way to StAG (given the one way system) was left at the Round Church, right into Park Street, left into Jesus Lane and then right into the contraflow cycle lane and right (with the cycle lane) into the top bit of King Street and round past the end of Sussex Street and down between the back of Waterstones and Christ's. I did this. As I got to the back of Christ's, there were parked cars and a bus just coming into the other end of the street. The cars were on his side of the road so I carried on. So did he. We met by the second back entrance to Christ's just before the (voluntary) cycle lane was marked again. I got off and spoke to him through the window. He argued that I must have gone past a no entry and that as there was no lane marked then I had no right to be there. I disagreed. Anyway, after a brief argument I walked on and got back on when I got past him and carried on to StAG (and tried to carry on further for some reason!).

Anyway, I left the pub (the heretical Castle as the Fountain had no beer which is no ideal for a post ringing pub) in plenty of time to get to GSM for Taizé and so decided to wonder up that way and check that I had been in the right. Indeed I was. At the back entrance to Christ's where we'd met, there was a `no left turn except cycles' but that proved nothing as that's where the lane is marked. However, at the other back entrance (the one nearer Sussex St) there was the same sign, despite the fact there was no lane and up by Sussex St the sign was 'No flying motorcycles' (sorry 'No Motor Vehicles') and therefore I had not gone through any no entry signs. I think a letter to Stagecoach is in order. Buses are one of the major users of that stretch of road so it is important for them to know that cyclists are legally allowed to use that stretch in the opposite direction to them.



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