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I've just been reading Stephen Cottrell's book From the abundance of the heart: Catholic Evangelism for all Christians which is a good read.

I was amused this even though to be visited by a Plaid member who described a visit to a member in an area where the branch is not really functioning despite having members on the books. He'd asked this lady why she wasn't more involved and she responded because of having two young children, she couldn't do evening meetings. He suggested maybe a garden party for socialising and discussing nursery education. This is exactly one of the strategies suggested in Stephen Cottrell's book.
Well there's a lot of kerfuffle about Archbishop Rowan's lecture on Civil and Religious Law in England: a religious perspective. Most of it seems to be from people reacting to the media coverage rather than what ++Rowan actually says, and as ever the media coverage doesn't get to grips with ++Rowan's deep thoughts.

People appear to be reacting to their associations for the word Shar'ia which is that it's a repressive, patriarchial law code which calls for barbaric punishments and oppresses women. Given ++Rowan's positions on these subjects (I'm guessing he's anti-death penalty and I know he's pro-equality for women), it is ridiculous to think that that is what he is calling for!
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He concludes:
In conclusion, it seems that if we are to think intelligently about the relations between Islam and British law, we need a fair amount of 'deconstruction' of crude oppositions and mythologies, whether of the nature of sharia or the nature of the Enlightenment.

The irony is that in the `debate' that has followed people have stuck with the crude oppositions and mythologies and have not engaged with the substance of the lecture at all!
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[livejournal.com profile] cartesiandaemon and I appear to be having TGGD in comments on other people's journals. This seems unfair the owners of those journals, especially [livejournal.com profile] the_alchemist as her post was about vegetarian food in India, but to an extent to [livejournal.com profile] mr_ricarno even though it is rather more relevant to his post on a debate on the place of faith in national life, so I thought I'd bring the comments and response together on my own journal!

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