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I love Corpus Christi and over the last few years in Cardiff and Bristol I've struggled to find places which keep it as well as LSM did in Cambridge on the historic date of the Thursday after Easter. For example last year at All Saints', Clifton only the Sanctuary party processed and only around church. So this year as I had two days off (my weekend) and I hadn't been to Cambridge for over 6 months I decided the best plan was a trip to Cambridge. This was only my second trip back since LSM got a new vicar and my first since he started changing things last Advent.


They've changed it; it's wrong? )

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A couple of times today I have started to type `I'm going to a friend's wedding' but then have tied myself up in knots because I know both the bride and the groom, but typing a friends' wedding seems perverse but omitting the indefinite article seems strange, some friends' wedding perhaps? It's simpler in Welsh, it would be priodas ffrindiau rather than priodas ffrind.


Dec. 9th, 2005 03:00 pm
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As most of you know, I am an incorrigible pedant. Having put my foot in it with someone by being pedantic at what she felt was the wrong time, I've been thinking about why.

I've said for a while, `he who lives by the sword dies by the sword', i.e. if one is pedantic one has to expect one's own mistakes to be pedanted. But it goes further than that. I actually want people to be pedantic back at me because my pedantry springs from caring about language and wanted it to be used well. There are interesting nuances to be achieved by correct use of infer and imply; there is an important difference between less intelligent people going to university (which may or may not be a good thing) and fewer intelligent people going to university (which is probably a bad thing in most cases (especially if combined with the first!). I try to censor my own words and typings to avoid stupid errors but I do sometimes make silly errors* and if I've done so, I'd much rather someone pulled me up for it, so I can say Doh! and change it than left it and so possibly leave other people with the impression I'm someone who doesn't know the difference between floor and flaw or when to say So-and-so and I and when to say so-and-so and me or whatever the mistake is.

*Despite the fact I know the differences between there, their and they're perfectly well sometimes my fingers run away from my brain and type the wrong one!


Nov. 7th, 2005 12:04 pm
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Should I be worried that an email to the English Faculty post-grads contains the sentence:

Shazia Mirza is one of Britains only female muslim Stand-up comedians.

I can see four or five* glaring errors in that! What is the world coming to if emails to English post-grads at the premier university in Britain can contain such atrocious English?

*Depending on one's views of feminine forms of jobs etc.



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