May. 26th, 2005 04:44 pm
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Yay, I've finally managed to get LaTEX to single space quotes, examples and footnotes in a basically line-and-a-half spaced document! Though at one point I had some footnotes which were single-spaced and I couldn't work out why.

Anyway, I should stop spodding and get on! I lost too much time this morning to waiting for the shower to decide that it wanted to produce water. Though it did mean I got to listen to England bowling. Not very well -- it's just as well it's only Bangladesh. We now have a first innings lead!
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Well, my bicycle basket completely died today. I'd left it on, but unusable since Saturday but more bits broke today such that the main part of the basket was not connected to the bit which slots into the support so it was only attached by the tie which stopped it being stolen! This meant is swung randomly so I had to remove it. Cycling without it was weird! The front of the bike neither looked nor felt right. It's a bit like new glasses,* you might not notice the frames but you do if they are in a different place. Ditto, I didn't realise how peripherally aware of the basket I was. It was also a useful confirmation that might lights are working because some of the light struck the basket.

Secondly, I was amused by the statement
He was famous for his town-planning activities
in Lewis Thorpe's translation of Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain. The Latin is:
Exin gloriosus edificator urbium existens
so it's not that free a translation but somehow it just sounded a really weird achievement whereas in the Latin (as in the Welsh versions) it doesn't.**

Thirdly, cross-referencing in LaTeX. This is simple if you want a reference to the section etc, or page or even to a theorem*** but I want to refer to the value of a counter I've created and I can't work out how. In comparing the Latin original and 4 Welsh versions of Geoffrey, I have drawn up a table**** with a line being a chunk (each one containing an example of the thing I'm comparing). I've managed to create a counter to number these lines, but how do I use that as a reference? Anyone tried something similar?

*Which I got a few weeks ago, although no-one noticed

**I'm not that interested in the Latin but one particular of the Welsh versions, but seeing what the Latin's doing is useful at times to see whether the Welsh is being influenced by Latin.

*** No, IANAM but adapting the theorem enviroment and syntax was the easiest way to get automatical numbering for my linguistic examples.

****Sidewaystable is a very useful thing!
Any of the LaTeX users (and I'm too lazy to work out how to type set that properly) used both Babel and graphicx in the same document? They're not working together for me. I was adding .eps graphics to my document (they're graphs produced in other programmes) and they started out as full page landscape (because that's the easiest size to get from the other programme) so I wanted to shrink and rotate them. However, when I first tried this I got errors like:

! Package keyval Error: scale=.25 undefined.

See the keyval package documentation for explanation.
Type H for immediate help.

l.6 \includegraphics[scale=.25]{WediGoverns}


! Missing \endcsname inserted.

l.14 ...cs[height=\textwidth, angle=-90]{Weditext}
! Missing number, treated as zero.

l.14 ...cs[height=\textwidth, angle=-90]{Weditext}

! Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted).

l.14 ...cs[height=\textwidth, angle=-90]{Weditext}
! Extra \endcsname.

l.14 ...cs[height=\textwidth, angle=-90]{Weditext}

! Package keyval Error: height=\textwidth undefined.

See the keyval package documentation for explanation.
Type H for immediate help.

l.14 ...cs[height=\textwidth, angle=-90]{Weditext}

I thought I'm sure I've done things like this before and checked and indeed I had in my MethSoc termcard. I eventually realised that in that I'd not used carys.sty (the package of my defined commands) and indeed when I commented that out, the graphicx commands worked. A bit more fiddling identified


as the problem element. If I comment that out, the figures work but I get all sorts of complaints about welsh etc not being defined. As a linguist marking things as different languages (even if I don't have hyphenation patterns for them) is very useful, especially as it means I can quote stuff in Greek and get the breathings and accents. Does anyone know a way round this problem?


Apr. 29th, 2004 09:23 pm
I just decided to print something out because it would be easier too read. It is a pdf document produced with Miτεχ and dvipdfm. I have never printed it before although my supervisor has printed earlier versions of the document and given me copies. The title page printed fine (but it doesn't say much). After that much of it has come out of outline boxes with the odd cross and one black square. There seems little logic to what is boxes and what is normal. The boxes all represent a character. The black square is a macron, but I can't see what the crosses should be. Oddley in the body it's italic or bold which has come out whereas in the footnotes these are what generally hasn't come out (although one italicised word which appears twice and two others work. It is not to do with the .tex file as far as I can tell as the same word in affected by the same command works once and not a second time in the same footnote).

I admit I told it to do odd pages (which it has done). Interestingly my attempts to print it .ps (to see if it my printer driver) have resulted in only the first page.

I am confused!



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