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My thesis contains many examples (c. 300) each of which is numbered and has a unique label. I also have a database containing all my examples (c. 1000) and those which have been included in my thesis (and a few that were included but have since been commented out!) have the label given them in the thesis in as a field.

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I've been thinking again this evening about the fact that I get the impression that there is a lack of Welsh-speakers with good computer support skills. So for instance in various digitization programmes etc there are the people who have the academic skills (Middle Welsh) and those who can do the technical side (but have no Welsh at all). Or, and this is where it started this evening, there are people who design bilingual websites and content management without being able to read the Welsh half of the content (and so they lack proof-reading ability at the very least). For example, I noticed that the company that hosts/develops etc the Plaid website, the Welsh language Board website, the Assembly Website, the National Eisteddfod website does not itself have a bilingual website. This would seem a niche I ought to be able to exploit as I have the Welsh language skills and, I believe, the technical aptitude. But, I lack the specific knowledge and experience to get in in the first place.

I think the fact that in doing my PhD when I needed a stylesheet for BibΤεΧ which conformed to my departmental stylesheet (including author shorttitle references) I managed to achieve this by using makebst to get me part of the way to what I needed and then by hacking the unnamed postfix stack language used by BibΤεΧ demonstrates my aptitude, especially considering that I started from a position where I understood neither postfix nor stack; hacking got considerably easier when a former mathmo colleague explained that bit to me. However, that is probably not enough to get into those sorts of jobs. So I turn to the geeks amongst my f'list for advice on becoming a better geek!

I started well as a small child – I tried to write a database programme in BASIC aged 9 or 10 (but was frustrated by the fact that our very old telly didn't display the top and bottom lines of the screen) but when we got the Arc when I was 12 it was easier to buy Squirrel to database my books than write my own so my programming stopped because I didn't have anything I wanted to achieve by it.

Where should I start to get good all round geek skills, possibly with a web bias?


Nov. 25th, 2005 02:33 pm
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Thanks to those who commented yesterday. The obvious answer to my backup problem was to create the Zip file on my machine then stick the result on the memory stick, stick that onto my U: drive* and then copy it across. Though I did use part of [livejournal.com profile] emperor's suggestion because I used linux for the scp process because I have an irrational dislike of WinSCP (which is what you're expected to use on the PWF) after my laptop died the day after I installed it.

*I nearly typed M: drive then which is what the equivalent was in Aber!


Nov. 24th, 2005 07:56 pm
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I am attempting to back up my PhD onto Pelican. One of the constraints of Pelican is not having lots of little files so I want to Zip up my files before I transfer them. Unfortunately WinZip (on the PWF) keeps crashing when I try to do this. After it has been transferring the data it says:

Could not replace original Zip file! New Zip left as U:\Backups\WZ128E.tmp.
Ok Help

When I click ok it asks whether I want to see the log file. This tells me the last file successfully ends:

Adding MyTex/GwedyYnol/GwedyYnolDiagramho.eps
Adding MyTex/GwedyYnol/
copying Zip file
Warning: replace: could not rename U:\Backups\WZ138E.tmp
Could not replace original Zip file! New Zip left as U:\Backups\WZ138E.tmp

Why? After this had happened last time I tried backing up, I noticed that my quote was at 93% and I wondered if this was related, but I deleted some stuff (mainly it has to be said the .tmp files which had been created by those unsuccessful attempts and before the last attempt I was at 48% of quota (so around 125MB free). Now I'm at 56% because of the .tmp file.

What should I do?
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I've just been converted to psftp as my ftp client. I'm trying to back up a file to pelican. It is at C:\\My Documents\Preprocessing\ Now I have a problem because of the space in My Documents. In the command prompt, I get an error saying 'too many parameters - Diamater\', in psftp itself it just tells me it can't find the directory. This is annoying. I just solved this for this backup by moving the file to the C:\\ (using My computer etc!) but that is an inelegant solution. Is Windows really so stupid as to have directories that the command prompt can't find because of the space? I did try %20 by analogy with URLs but it didn't work.

Oh and I need an appropriate icon for computer related queries. Any suggestions? I also need a cricket icon.
Following recent conversations and LJ exchanges with [livejournal.com profile] emperor I decided to ask you lot:

[Poll #502857]


May. 26th, 2005 04:44 pm
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Yay, I've finally managed to get LaTEX to single space quotes, examples and footnotes in a basically line-and-a-half spaced document! Though at one point I had some footnotes which were single-spaced and I couldn't work out why.

Anyway, I should stop spodding and get on! I lost too much time this morning to waiting for the shower to decide that it wanted to produce water. Though it did mean I got to listen to England bowling. Not very well -- it's just as well it's only Bangladesh. We now have a first innings lead!
Any of the LaTeX users (and I'm too lazy to work out how to type set that properly) used both Babel and graphicx in the same document? They're not working together for me. I was adding .eps graphics to my document (they're graphs produced in other programmes) and they started out as full page landscape (because that's the easiest size to get from the other programme) so I wanted to shrink and rotate them. However, when I first tried this I got errors like:

! Package keyval Error: scale=.25 undefined.

See the keyval package documentation for explanation.
Type H for immediate help.

l.6 \includegraphics[scale=.25]{WediGoverns}


! Missing \endcsname inserted.

l.14 ...cs[height=\textwidth, angle=-90]{Weditext}
! Missing number, treated as zero.

l.14 ...cs[height=\textwidth, angle=-90]{Weditext}

! Illegal unit of measure (pt inserted).

l.14 ...cs[height=\textwidth, angle=-90]{Weditext}
! Extra \endcsname.

l.14 ...cs[height=\textwidth, angle=-90]{Weditext}

! Package keyval Error: height=\textwidth undefined.

See the keyval package documentation for explanation.
Type H for immediate help.

l.14 ...cs[height=\textwidth, angle=-90]{Weditext}

I thought I'm sure I've done things like this before and checked and indeed I had in my MethSoc termcard. I eventually realised that in that I'd not used carys.sty (the package of my defined commands) and indeed when I commented that out, the graphicx commands worked. A bit more fiddling identified


as the problem element. If I comment that out, the figures work but I get all sorts of complaints about welsh etc not being defined. As a linguist marking things as different languages (even if I don't have hyphenation patterns for them) is very useful, especially as it means I can quote stuff in Greek and get the breathings and accents. Does anyone know a way round this problem?


Apr. 29th, 2004 09:23 pm
I just decided to print something out because it would be easier too read. It is a pdf document produced with Miτεχ and dvipdfm. I have never printed it before although my supervisor has printed earlier versions of the document and given me copies. The title page printed fine (but it doesn't say much). After that much of it has come out of outline boxes with the odd cross and one black square. There seems little logic to what is boxes and what is normal. The boxes all represent a character. The black square is a macron, but I can't see what the crosses should be. Oddley in the body it's italic or bold which has come out whereas in the footnotes these are what generally hasn't come out (although one italicised word which appears twice and two others work. It is not to do with the .tex file as far as I can tell as the same word in affected by the same command works once and not a second time in the same footnote).

I admit I told it to do odd pages (which it has done). Interestingly my attempts to print it .ps (to see if it my printer driver) have resulted in only the first page.

I am confused!



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