For the first time ever I stayed up all night and carried on the next day. At about 10:30 I'd got to the point I wanted to be at by the time I slept and 10:30 was the time I wanted to start again for today. I then headed up to college (for logistical faff which didn't happen) and to pick up the colour pages from [ profile] meirion. I got back to [ profile] caliston's about 12 and we started trying to print on his machine. This was a mistake. It toook for ever. By 2 we were less than halfway through and I started getting stressed especially as there were CD-ROMs to burn too and my computer was being slow with the printing. We switched to plan B which involved sending it as post-script to the computer lab and [ profile] caliston dropped me off on his way there to start binding. Binding was fine, but printing apparently was not and it was after the magical 4pm cut off point when he got here. There was then much sorting of pages and we finished about 10 mins ago 35 minutes after BOGS shut. It looks like a case of sitting on their doorstep at 10am tomorrow morning. I'm glad I'm on the 1104 and not the 1030ish.

I really should have used the nice little printer in the common room, though I've just remembered why I was dubious about that; when I printed a draft a month ago it had lines from the rollers all over it. I wish I'd remember that earlier when I was shouting at [ profile] caliston's! Why does printing cause doom? But they are now printed and bound and have CD-ROMs in the back. So pub is still on. It's done, just not quite dusted! If BOGS shut at a sensible hour it would have all been fine! We'll head up there now (for values of now which involve faffing on the computers and sending emails, if I can bring myself to use webmail) I think, because if we head back to Trumpington I'll never get out again.
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Nearly a fortnight ago we got an email saying that the Grad work room (where I've been working in August since the library's shut) was to be locked the whole of September for `computer updates'. We were told to email the sender if we had problems with this. I did so, pointing out that the library was shut until the 2nd September and so could the work at least be delayed until Monday 5th. I got a response which said she'd passed this on to the computer officer and she thought it would be ok.

Anyway today, I mailed the computer officer (because I was fed up of the printer's attention light flashing, just because it's within 700 pages of the cartridge dying). She responded saying she'd seen the message and figured that it would last at least until she shut the room down on the first. I thought I'd query this and more generally why it was that computer updates in a room with 2 PWF machines and 4 big desks was causing the whole room to be locked for a month. This was her reply:

It's not just the PWFs that need working on, it's the doors. I have to *manually* remove each of about 250 graduate students, one by one. And then add back next year's list, also one by one. Not a fun prospect... And just in case you're thinking this, I can't just leave people who will be here next year on the list, a) because I don't know who they are and b) because I *also* have to revamp the system so that the groups are correct and that people are only allowed into the bits they need to go into (not just grads, but staff and faculty members, as well). It's easier to do that all in one go than to try to move people from one group to the other - especially when we're talking about ca. 320 accounts. Anyway, it's going to take me at least a week if I can get a week free all at once to do it (doubtful). Plus, I still have a bunch of holiday that needs taking before term starts (which may not be a good reason, but it's a fact and I have to take it into consideration) :)

Is it me or does a security system which requires that for updating (which will happen annually) really stupid?
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It was a good day until about 19:50. A lie followed by some Pratchett. Then off to Hills Road for a badminton match (which we lost but not having a third pair makes winning difficult and we played well although we should have beaten their seconds having been 14-11 up). Then back here (via SPCK because it started hailing) and had a bath (as the shower was in one of its 'no water' moods). Then off to the station to catch a train to Ely for Fr Andrew's installation as an honorary canon. This was fine. I was aiming for the 1632 and ended up catching the delated 1612 instead.

It was a good service and was followed by wine (although various people mused that tea and cofee would have been more welcome given the temperature). When people headed back to the coach (which I'd decided against using as the train was cheaper, quicker, less likely to make me feel ill and allowed me to read) I headed back towards the station. I stupidly decided to go to Tescos on the way.

I got to the station at about quarter to eight to find that the next Cambridge train (as opposed to replacement bus)* was at 2012, I thought, that's a pain but it'll still be quicker than the 20:03 bus. So I headed for platform 2. By the time I got there the 2012 had gone from being on time to being 20 mins late. Then there was an annoucement that it had been cancelled due to a technical fault at Downham Market and that the next train would be the 2037. So I went into the waiting room and carried on reading the Church Times. At about quarter past the bus was annouced but I thought that there was no point going for that as a) it defeated the main reasons why I'd chosen to come by train and b) it wouldn't be much quicker than waiting for the 2037 given that the bus takes about 40 mins (on past experience). However, 5 mins later the 2037 was announced to be 12 minutes delayed! Acutally it was nearly 20 in the end. So I finally reached Cambridge station at about 2107. I then reclaimed my back and started cycling. I hadn't got very far when I remembered my sam brown belt and so stopped to put it on. This never happened. When I stopped, my basket (which had my shopping from Tescos in it) decided to break and spill all my shopping over the floor. Having no string or anything this meant I had to walk as I had no safe way of carrying the shopping whilst cycling. I decided that I could hang the bag off the handlebar to push it (even if this is illegal for cycling) and foolishly thought it would be sensible to balance things out by hanging the potatoes from one side and the rest from the other. This was stupid because as I crossed Harvey Rd the potato bag broke and spilt my potatoes everywhere. I reclaimed three. BUt the other two vanished. By the time I finally got home it was 2207 which was getting on for 3 hours since I left the cathedral!

*I don't know why but the Stansted Brum route was replacement buses although everything else was as normal.
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Well, actually not so much fell off as snapped. There I was turning right out of Sidgwick Ave into Grange Road this morning and as I set off, there was a jerk and I ended up stood on the road forward of the saddle. I thought, `oh it can't quite have changed down properly before I stopped' even though when that's happened before it's not been quite so violent, so I waddle to the side of the road (being somewhat aware that I'd been nipping out in quite a small gap.* When I get there I get back on the saddle and pedal. The pedals spin freely and I look down to see no chain. It is lying in the road. I retrieve it and start walking back to college. As I get to West Road I realise that it makes more sense to leave the bike at the Fac and get the bus out to Madingley Road rather than walking the bike to and fro.

It was hassle I could have done without thought. I was already losing a bit of work time going to speak to the chaplain and with all that (which included taking the bike into town when I got back) it was 11:30 before I started work!

*I've just realised the road works had gone.



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