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Those who remember my rant a year ago* might be pleased to know that I do not feel the need to rant about this year's Advent Carols.

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Yes, it got Christmassy, but I think it was a reasonable compromise of the competing expectations for the service. It's a pity we didn't have Lo he Comes as it makes a great climax to the service. I remember in my first year we had a similar compromise and finished with that which works well I think, because it leaves us looking to the second coming having meditated on the first. But I'm not too sad, because we had it this morning!

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Apr. 29th, 2005 12:01 am
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I wrote a couple of days ago:
However, there are three things I want to do in Cambridge on the Friday afternoon/evening*
in reference to the afternoon/evening of Friday 13th May. In a footnote, I listed these as cricket, ringing and an ecumenical bar quiz. Today, whilst going through my diary to work out when I could arrange another meeting with Keith Straughan about vocation stuff, I noticed that I hadn't put the Oxford-Cambridge Colloquium in for the Saturday and so did so. I then noticed that on the Friday evening were the words '7 for 7:30 Chapel Dinner'. Given I've already said I'm going to that, it looks like I will have to make my own way across to Oxford on the Saturday morning. I've just noticed too, that the morning of the Saturday has an uncrossed out M written by it. This means that I said that I was available to serve at Mass* on that day. Why is life so complicated?

*Which I now see is for St Matthias. I was confused because my diary didn't tell me it was a Saint's Day, but that's because it keeps BCP feasts according to which St Matthias falls on 24th February. However, he is the one saint (I think) whom we keep on his 'new' day.



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