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Well, my bicycle basket completely died today. I'd left it on, but unusable since Saturday but more bits broke today such that the main part of the basket was not connected to the bit which slots into the support so it was only attached by the tie which stopped it being stolen! This meant is swung randomly so I had to remove it. Cycling without it was weird! The front of the bike neither looked nor felt right. It's a bit like new glasses,* you might not notice the frames but you do if they are in a different place. Ditto, I didn't realise how peripherally aware of the basket I was. It was also a useful confirmation that might lights are working because some of the light struck the basket.

Secondly, I was amused by the statement
He was famous for his town-planning activities
in Lewis Thorpe's translation of Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain. The Latin is:
Exin gloriosus edificator urbium existens
so it's not that free a translation but somehow it just sounded a really weird achievement whereas in the Latin (as in the Welsh versions) it doesn't.**

Thirdly, cross-referencing in LaTeX. This is simple if you want a reference to the section etc, or page or even to a theorem*** but I want to refer to the value of a counter I've created and I can't work out how. In comparing the Latin original and 4 Welsh versions of Geoffrey, I have drawn up a table**** with a line being a chunk (each one containing an example of the thing I'm comparing). I've managed to create a counter to number these lines, but how do I use that as a reference? Anyone tried something similar?

*Which I got a few weeks ago, although no-one noticed

**I'm not that interested in the Latin but one particular of the Welsh versions, but seeing what the Latin's doing is useful at times to see whether the Welsh is being influenced by Latin.

*** No, IANAM but adapting the theorem enviroment and syntax was the easiest way to get automatical numbering for my linguistic examples.

****Sidewaystable is a very useful thing!
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Well, actually not so much fell off as snapped. There I was turning right out of Sidgwick Ave into Grange Road this morning and as I set off, there was a jerk and I ended up stood on the road forward of the saddle. I thought, `oh it can't quite have changed down properly before I stopped' even though when that's happened before it's not been quite so violent, so I waddle to the side of the road (being somewhat aware that I'd been nipping out in quite a small gap.* When I get there I get back on the saddle and pedal. The pedals spin freely and I look down to see no chain. It is lying in the road. I retrieve it and start walking back to college. As I get to West Road I realise that it makes more sense to leave the bike at the Fac and get the bus out to Madingley Road rather than walking the bike to and fro.

It was hassle I could have done without thought. I was already losing a bit of work time going to speak to the chaplain and with all that (which included taking the bike into town when I got back) it was 11:30 before I started work!

*I've just realised the road works had gone.
Well, two idiot drivers in one trip to StAG is impressive. First of all, there was the yellow car at the Tex lights. I'd been cycling along towards the traffic lights and was approaching the point where the straight on/right cycle lane crosses the left hand car lane (or the left hand car lane crosses the cycle lane). I looked and cycled right to indicate that I was going straight on and not left and so would be going into the middle. One car came past and that was ok, 'cos it was going straight on too. However, there was one behind it, who was going left and decided to go left as I was going right rather than hanging back and going behind me. I'm not quite sure why, but I stayed on the inside of the cycle lane, which is just as well other wise he would have hit me as far as I can tell. I had lights and was wearing my reflective top so my arm signal should have been visible.

I'd decided that the best way to StAG (given the one way system) was left at the Round Church, right into Park Street, left into Jesus Lane and then right into the contraflow cycle lane and right (with the cycle lane) into the top bit of King Street and round past the end of Sussex Street and down between the back of Waterstones and Christ's. I did this. As I got to the back of Christ's, there were parked cars and a bus just coming into the other end of the street. The cars were on his side of the road so I carried on. So did he. We met by the second back entrance to Christ's just before the (voluntary) cycle lane was marked again. I got off and spoke to him through the window. He argued that I must have gone past a no entry and that as there was no lane marked then I had no right to be there. I disagreed. Anyway, after a brief argument I walked on and got back on when I got past him and carried on to StAG (and tried to carry on further for some reason!).

Anyway, I left the pub (the heretical Castle as the Fountain had no beer which is no ideal for a post ringing pub) in plenty of time to get to GSM for Taizé and so decided to wonder up that way and check that I had been in the right. Indeed I was. At the back entrance to Christ's where we'd met, there was a `no left turn except cycles' but that proved nothing as that's where the lane is marked. However, at the other back entrance (the one nearer Sussex St) there was the same sign, despite the fact there was no lane and up by Sussex St the sign was 'No flying motorcycles' (sorry 'No Motor Vehicles') and therefore I had not gone through any no entry signs. I think a letter to Stagecoach is in order. Buses are one of the major users of that stretch of road so it is important for them to know that cyclists are legally allowed to use that stretch in the opposite direction to them.
Well, hopefully that's fixed it. It took my two and a half times round to find the thing and I hate taking tyres off; oddly it went back on easily. I'm not sure I've quite got it back to the pre-puncture post-service rock hard state, but it's pretty close which is more than has been the case for the last few months and I've left my pump in the hall so I might actually get round to using it every so often. Actually thinking about it, last time I took the bike in for a service I expressed an opinion that the tyre wasn't staying really inflated for that long. I wonder if there was a very very slow puncture that became a fast puncture after a couple of days of riding it with hard tyres. Maybe now, it will stay up!

At least only really started to rain as I finished.


Jun. 25th, 2004 07:23 pm
Grrrrr. Punctures are annoying. Yesterday evening cycling back from the pub my tyres were still rock hard after the service earlier in the week. This morning I set off in good time for morning prayer and thought this feels heavy, stoppedc dismounted and checked my tyre to find it was completely flat!



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