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Just said on Twitter that probably half of the Eucharists I've received at have been celebrated by female priests.

I was confirmed 8th Oct 1992, and allowed to receive from about the July. Our curate was priested with the first women in Liverpool at Pentecost 1994 22nd May. So that was nearly 2 years of only male priests. Probably around 100 Eucharists

Then until uni in Sept 97 it was both (or at least until our curate left, which may have been slightly sooner). So 5.25 years of around 50/50. Probably 55 masses a year so about 140 each.

240 male 140 female.

First year of uni, male vicar and female NSM. Probably a bias towards the vicar, so 1 year of 55, say 40 male 15 female at a guess

Next 3 years male priests only at uni, but female 2 to 1 at parents'. 120 male 45 female
So bias is male at this point. 400 male to 200 female

Then postgrad, female college chaplains for first 2 years, but mainly male out of term . First year 20 male 35 female. 2nd year start going to more festivals and weekly lunchtime too iwith male chaplain or at AC church.. 75 male, 35 female

475 to 270

Next 2 years and a term, predominantly male, male chaplain and I was at AC church mostly. 240 male 10 female?

715 to 280

1st year in Cardiff mainly male, also returning to Cambridge, but less regular at weekly (and festivals) so possibly 65 male 5 female?

780 to 285

Jan 07 switch churches in Cardiff. Female vicar and 2 of 3 most likely subs female. Weekly Tuesday evening, some Thursday. Supplement for festivals at Cathedral or local AC shacks, but fewer than in Cambridge. 500 female to 30 male?

810 to 785

March 12 current church, interregnum female full time and NSM, 3 male assistant priests. Balance is about 50 50 and I still do at least one weekday. Festivals still slightly less than Cambridge. Probably around 50 male and 50 female.

860 male to 815

Which is pretty much 50 50 in the Eucharists I've been to. INcreased frequency of receiving helps balance out first two years without the option of female priests. Can't vouch for the accuracy, but I started with 55 a year (Sundays, plus Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Ascension Day) and then added 15 or so festivals and weekly communion. CUrrent rule of life is Sundays, once in the week and major festivals, slightly fudigly defined.

This lunchtime I went to the New Room for their Communion for Wesley day and felt slight alienated by the fact the celebrant, both readers (which didn't include a gospel), the preacher, the two stewards and the organist were all male. Women had no role other than congregation member on the day. Of the 6 hymsn, 3 were by Chalres (fair enough given the day), 1 by Newton, 1 by Patrick Appleford and one was translated and versified by two women, from an Old Irish original, Ironically, their "I thy true Son" had been changed to "Thy child let me be" which felt tokenistic at best. IN fact, given the ancient privieges available to Sons not daughters, I'm perfectly happy to sing 'Son' there...
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